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When customers go back and return, how do Huadu filing cabin

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I really didn't think that my cooperation with Jack would come so fast! And Jack's order, which is the product order of 2 containers, really surprised me. It is normal for customers to place orders, and there are a lot of big orders for Huadu cabinets. Why do I feel surprised about Jack's order? This has to be said from Jack's own situation.

Jack had the first contact with the Huadu steel office cabinet at the spring fair in April 2016. Although he was attracted to the station for a long time, he was full of praise for the product, but the project that Jack was operating at the time was not related to steel office furniture. Although there are ideas involved in this field, there is no exact date and plan to enter the market. Jack is a very interesting Burmese merchant, and he is modest and generous. Because of the special love of Shaolin Kung Fu, he still has the straightforward character of Wulin knight-errant, if I have the honor to cooperate with him, I must include him in the A-level customer. But at that time, I just let the opportunity to cooperate with him miss.

After the Canton Fair, I carefully compiled customer information, including Jack's. Every time there is a new product, the product features upgrade or the product has replaced the latest accessories on the market, and even some interesting and meaningful group activities in the company, I will share emails to Jack as well as those who cooperate with us. Jack may be very busy, rarely reply, but occasionally sent, always ask for some steel cabinet information. He hopes that I will give some predictions on product sales trends, recommendations and so on. Although it seems that the cooperation with Jack is far away, I still carefully reply to each of his emails in half a year.

Soon, the Autumn Fair in October 2016 came again as scheduled. Guess, who did I meet? That's right, it's Jack who has been hiding in the mail for half a year. This time his uncle and his brother accompanied him. They didn't want to go around other booths and walked straight to our booth. What moved me was that Jack could still recognize me at a glance and said to me happily: "Hi, Tian, It's really nice to see you again." Then he pointed to our product catalogue and said to me, please recommend for several steel cabinet, let's sign the contract! My joy is full of words. Ah, happiness, don't come too fast!

In the ensuing conversation, I finally learned the truth about Jack going back so quickly. It turned out that Jack had the heart to develop steel furniture at the beginning, but his determination was still insufficient. And he did not expect that for a customer who has only one side of the intention, Huadu is still sincere and sincere. Especially in the mail sharing Huadu's products, real-time updated product information completely touched Jack's heart. He feels that Huadu Furniture Group is a trustworthy manufacturer, and the products are also good products for the market. Therefore, the plan to operate steel office furniture has been firmly advanced, and he does not want to hesitate for a moment!

I really appreciate the trust of our customers in Huadu Furniture Group products. Good products and services can touch people's hearts. After signing the contract, I specially applied for a car and accompanied Jack to visit the Shaolin Temple to complete a love of Chinese kung fu. Jack was greatly moved, and a fan of Huadu was born!


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