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"Newton"'s trip to Luoyang Huadu, just to complete his ow

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"One night, I was sleeping, dreaming that I was pulling a black iron suitcase, walking on the red carpet, cheering by a group of people! When I woke up, I still felt like a dream, the box in the dream is still clearly visible. I am to draw a look right now. Then I am very excited to find my chief designer to discuss the drawings, make a sample, and put it into production after continuous transformation. The result is rave reviews, and the products is in short supply. I urgently need a partner to help me with the OEM! My peolple needs me!” When my international client “Newton” stood in the Huadu exhibition hall, he told me this magic, I thought of "Newton's Apple" in my mind for the first time.

This "Newton" is not a British scientific master who is inspired by the fall of apples from the tree, but my African customer Inos, a man who came to China to pull a big iron box. I was deeply touched by his wisdom and persistence. After the airport received him, he shared his story with me along the way. I asked him curiously: Why did he choose "Luoyang Huadu" as the potential partners for the first time in China? He said with sincerity and firmness: "My friend Ton goes to the Canton Fair almost every year. He is very impressed with you. I have Google's information about your company, which shows that you are a strong steel office furniture manufacturer. This is why I am heading straight to the Huadu." He expected to say to me: "I am going to stay in Luoyang until you help me produce a samples, because people in Zimbabwe are eager for new suitcases, I believe you can do it!"

The new suitcase mentioned by Inos is intended to transform its existing welded structure into a disassembly structure. The samples he pulled were sent back to the factory for the first time. The relevant leaders of the production department, the purchasing department and the technical department immediately held a preliminary plan for the seminar to discuss the samples. Inos immediately raised his thumbs and praised: "Thank you for your attention and execution efficiency, your thinking is very active!" From the drawing to the finished sample, less than a week, a new product will be born!

Inos's joy and excitement are over the words, excited to dance, hands clasping the designer, and using the Chinese I have just taught him, "Thank you, thanks Huadu." Colleagues present at the scene couldn't help but laugh, and laughter echoed in the office of Huadu. Therefore, I am even more convinced that customer satisfaction is our greatest expectation and pursuit, and all hard work will have a positive return! Inos said sincerely: "I believe that we will cooperate happily and look forward to working with you for a long time. The people of Zimbabwe thank you! Come to Luoyang Huadu, it is worthwhile!"

The farewell to him is also at Luoyang Airport. It is also carrying a big black box. The difference is that Inos smiles more brilliant and contagious. When we left, we had a photo with a far-reaching big box as the background. At his request, this box, which he regarded as a treasure, was wrapped tightly, because I knew very well that it carried his dreams!


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