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Difference between factory outlet drawer cabinets and middlemen.

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I'm sure many of our partners will encounter the question: are you factory direct? What exactly are the benefits of factory direct sales? Why do I have to go factory direct to buy a drawer cabinet?

Factory direct sales are a model for manufacturers to sell their products, where the products produced by the manufacturer are sent directly to the customer without going through intermediate commercial channels of sales. Manufacturers directly to the customer sales of this way are called factory direct sales. Choose to buy the drawer cabinet factory direct, customers get the goods are the original single, the price because there are many intermediate channels less cost, and thus very advantageous!

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The specific division of intermediaries in addition to the familiar first-tier agent, second-tier agent, third-tier agent, can also be divided into corporate agents, sales agents, consignment dealers, brokers, purchasing agents, and so on. Most of these agents have the same purpose is to sell products, specifically reflected in the sale of products, that is, the quality of the drawer cabinet, manufacturers, brands, prices are not the same. Even when choosing a middleman to buy the drawer cabinet, you should first look at the drawer cabinet products you want to buy at the end which manufacturer and brand! This is how you choose good manufacturers and brands and get goods from middlemen in product quality is guaranteed!

The fundamental difference between factory direct sales of drawer cabinets and middlemen sales is that the middlemen's layers add up, resulting in the product to the customer's hands do not know how many times more expensive. Choose factory direct sales of products is the same as saving the middle excess transportation packaging and agency fees.


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