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Which manufacturer of the metal cabinet is better?

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China is so big, there are so many manufacturers of metal cabinets! The homogenization of goods is the consensus of almost all walks of life, and the same is true for this office furniture for metal cabinets. Then in so many brands and products to pick the most suitable manufacturers and products is not an easy thing to do! Exactly how should we pick the brand that produces good quality metal cabinets while reducing the budget appropriately? Just be aware of the following!
First, pick a manufacturer based on product quality!
We are more concerned about the time of purchase of metal cabinets brand awareness of metal cabinet manufacturers, and even rely on the brand to select manufacturers, this behavior is a bit of putting the cart before the horse, direct inspection of metal cabinet manufacturers of product quality is the most intuitive so that you can ensure that the quality of the metal cabinet to buy.

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Secondly, how to examine the quality of the product of the metal cabinet?
Look at the material: general manufacturers in the production of metal cabinets will use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, directly can not see the words, the relevant materials and materials can also prove.
Look at the thickness of the steel plate: general metal cabinet thickness of 0.3mm to 0.8mm, of course, this thickness in the manufacturers there may not be directly bare, may be added after the thickness of spray powder coating. The measurement method is very simple, caliper measurement after subtracting the thickness of the spray powder coating is the real thickness of the steel plate. Or use the weighing method, but this method is more difficult and generally seldom used unless you don't trust the manufacturer!
Look at the process: look at the process is mainly to see the product details, folded corner process, spraying process, polishing process, and so on. The straight line of the folded corner is smooth, the curved corner is smooth and rounded. File cabinet surface fine and smooth and so on.
Choosing a good quality metal cabinet is very simple, and the details determine success or failure and attitude, which can be seen in the manufacturer's production attitude.


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